Love and Live Wholeheartedly

Live wholeheartedly

Love with transparency

Give lovingly, never grudgingly

Feel and speak with sincerity

Emotionally allow for vulnerability

Love consistently

Embrace life’s seasons wisely

Learning the lessons

The Creator has for thee

As you grow personally

Become self-aware increasingly

Face your fears boldly

Overcome your weaknesses triumphantly

When you err and fail

Confess your flaws humbly

Pray for heaven’s mercy

Realizing that love endures all things

When adversity comes

Not everybody sings

Sometimes life is painful

It even bruises and stings

Many care not to discuss

Such pragmatic things

Love however is more

Than a feeling or an emotion

Infatuation is fast

Much like a blur

Undoubtedly love does similarly stir

It too can be felt, seen, and heard

Yet love is also far greater

Beyond that of a word

Love is immeasurable

It has ability like no other

To move you or make you

Love hopes when all hope is lost

Love does not consider the cost

Love believes the best

Love fights for what is right

And settles for nothing less

Such a divine love is timeless

It has no end

Love has power to reconcile

Win enemies and make friends

Love is heavenly

The word however is used too frivolously

Sometimes to describe food and wine

Perhaps a hobby or activity

On the contrary

Love is a bond

Between you and me

Impossible to fully describe

Adequately articulate it I cannot

Yet without enduring love

Life is utter rot

Unpredictable and illusory

Enduring love comes with commitment

It settles and sets you free

Enabling you to live wholeheartedly.

How to Help Aging Loved Ones Live Independently

Trying to care for a loved one who is getting older is tough enough, but keeping them independent can sometimes seem like an impossible task. There are several ways seniors can stay young and remain independent with very little effort needed. This includes a few simple aids to daily living and some very unusual homecare supplies, not often associated with seniors.

Incorporating Aids to Daily Living

Often times, it isn’t that seniors can’t stay on their own or need constant attention; they simply need help doing certain things. This is where homecare supplies and the right aids to daily living can really help. Best of all, many of these homecare supplies are affordable, easy to install, and minimally invasive on the homeowner’s atmosphere.

For example, one of the most common areas of the home that require a few important aids to daily living is the bathroom. The restricted movements older family members acquire as they get older makes it difficult for them to get in and out of the bathtub or shower. Simple movements like getting on and off the toilet, or in and out of the bathtub can also be a big problem. In general, the elderly have difficulty any time their center of gravity is significantly shifted from its normal position. This makes homecare supplies such as support bars and shower chairs almost essential items to have.


Studies show that modern communication technology can be a terrific addition to an older person’s lifestyle. Many older adults complain that they are often isolated from loved ones because of distance and an inability to travel freely. This leads to depression and restlessness that can significantly decrease their health and mobility. But, with technologies such as video calling, social networks, and email, aging adults are able to visit with their loved ones and ‘stay in the loop’.

Though often thought of as kid’s games, video gaming systems such as Wiis can go a long way to keeping aging loved ones active and having fun. There are a number of sports and mind stimulating games to keep seniors moving and exercising. In fact, this is quickly becoming one of the more popular items in senior complexes. And when combined with a healthy diet, researchers have seen notable improvements in older people’s health, as well as longer life spans, when then incorporate active forms of technology into their lives.

Programs and Group Activities

Loneliness can impair an ailing loved one’s health. But with the emergence of a number of senior’s programs, older loved ones can socialize with others, enjoy various activities they might not normally enjoy, and enjoy some physical and mental activity. This keeps their minds sharps, life fun, and allows them to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Aids to daily living can go a long way to keeping older community members from seeking more permanent, full-time care. Taking action on these tips and ideas only requires a bit of initial work, but can be an incredible benefit for the entire family.

How God’s Love Transforms Lives

Our God is Love. Everything He does is motivated by His love for mankind. When He chastises, it is out of love for the person. Every Father that loves his child disciplines him; our God loves more than any father. He even gave His only son for mankind all because of His love. What god will sacrifice his ONLY son for any reason?

When you accept Jesus, the son of God, you accept God’s love for you. The beauty of salvation is that God’s love is poured into your heart when you welcome Jesus into your heart. You are able to love people even as God loves you. Actually, if you do not love then you do not know God!

The God we serve loves unconditionally. No matter how much evil you may have committed, when you come to Him, He accepts you. He gave Jesus when we were deep in our sins so that we will not suffer eternal death if we receive Jesus as our Lord.

As God expects of His children, operating in God’s love will reduce the evil around us, in our society and the world. People will not do evil against others. We will respect one another and help each other. You will do it just because you love them. You will not keep record of wrongs done to you and you will not pay back evil with evil but with good

There is no fear when you walk in God’s love. Fear torments but when you walk in love fear is removed from you. Fear opens you up to all manner of attacks including sickness and diseases. Love clears fear away and everything that goes with it

The love of God gives peace, joy to your heart. In the midst of storms you will be calm because of the assurance of God’s love which is able to deliver you from whatsoever may come against you. What god can protect like our God?

We can face tomorrow because Jesus lives and His love is new every morning. His Love is a pillar to all that will hold unto it or lean on it. It never fails!

Love, Laugh, Live

When you hear the words – Live, Love, Laugh; you probably think of some television channel tag and move on. What more could it be, right? I want to start this one by putting forward three points and then ask you three questions.

So here goes.

1. Life is too short to do everything.
2. Love is a rare gift that very few are blessed to receive.
3. Laughter can make even the worst situation better.

And now, the three questions:-

1. Are you living life or merely existing?
2. Have you ever loved with all your heart before asking to be loved?
3. When was the time you laughed for no reason?

You may be wondering why I said and asked these things? What do I know about you?

You’re right. I don’t know anything about you. But I do know that in this world, we’re all visiting guests for a few days and then we’ll all be just packing off.

Before we go packing, don’t you think we have a right and also an obligation, to make the most of our visit? Shouldn’t our stay have some purpose? Shouldn’t our lives be more than just an account of our existence?

All this probably sounds like a lecture! But here is what I propose.

Don’t keep going with the flow. Stop following the crowd. Don’t get too carried away with the way things have always been. Allow yourself this one indulgence. Permit yourself to quit existing and focus on the more beautiful aspects of life.

For once in your life, forget about what was and what will be. Let go of the regrets and fears. Whatever you may have achieved, whatever you are looking to achieve, for one minute, just stop!

Stop and try this out.


Live each day like it’s your last. Live for yourself and live well. Do the things that makes you happy and gives you satisfaction. Do everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
Let the story of your life be more than an excuse. Let it be a celebration.

Someone very dear to me once said, “Tomorrow isn’t promised. What you have is today. This moment is never going to come back. Fill it with enough life for a lifetime.” And that has been the philosophy I’ve followed ever since.

Start your day with a small thank you, for the past. But after that, don’t look back. There is a reason the past is the past; it’s because it has no place in your future.

I always take inspiration from American actress, Mae West who famously quoted, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”. So, let today be the first day of your legendary life. Let the celebration be one that the world won’t forget.

Let the game begin!!


Why does love always have to be between two people only? That too in a romantic sense?

No doubt that love is as important as any! But love can be for anyone and anything. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be for any reason. Love is one of the most potent emotions in the world. It has the power to change people. A little bit of love, makes a whole lot of difference. So go out there and spread the love.

Don’t keep hoping to be loved in return. Like respect, love too is a matter of give and take. Give first and you will most definitely receive a whole lot more than you thought!
Love the people around you, love your work, your art, your pets, and your life!

Replace hatred and negativity with a whole lot of love and positivity. Suddenly you will find that life is a little more beautiful than it was before.

Also, if you do think about love form a romantic point of view, then let that love be one in a million. Make it your love story. Love passionately, honestly and with all your heart. Leave no room for question. Don’t allow any regret to creep in. Make your love epic!

As author Willa Cather noted, “Where there is great love, there are always miracles.”


“A day without laughter, is a day wasted!” – Charlie Chaplin

If the funniest man that ever was, says something about laughing, we’d better believe it!

But jokes apart, can you imagine, what a dull, boring life we’d have if there was no laughter?! I would personally go insane if I was told I can’t laugh an entire day. Honestly, I’d start laughing the moment someone said that!

I don’t know if laughter is the best medicine or not, but I know for a fact, that if you keep laughing, keep enjoying and keep spreading the joy, you will never have to worry about falling sick!

If you notice, yawning and laughing are the only two things that are so contagious, that you can practically never escape them! One person starts and the whole room follows suit. Laughing especially when there is no reason to, is an excellent practise. Why else do we have so many laughter clubs across the world? It’s pretty obvious if you think of it. Worrying isn’t solving anything. At least if you laugh, you have some reason to be happy!

So laugh out loud!

A very long time ago, in an article on living life, I read an interesting thing. It said, “Life is only as long as that tiny hyphen you draw between the year of birth and the year of death. You have just enough time. Live while you are alive. Love while your heart still beats. Laugh before you fall asleep!”

Why People Love to Live in the Dynamic and Vibrant Manchester City Centre

People always love to live in a place where they can find all the facilities. Manchester city centre, known formally, is the central business district of both Manchester and Greater Manchester in North West England. Manchester city centre is full of dynamic and vibrant places. Pleasing open countryside and picturesque villages surround Manchester city centre, and there are numerous art galleries, theatres, museums and country houses to visit.

Residential benefits

It is a place of urban revival. The trouble-free housing procedure is also a bonus if they wish to attain residence in the area. These conveniences are available due to the designed development of the city centre. It is also suitable, sociable and exciting to the people who have low incomes. There is also a better range of hotels in the city centre, which include the Midland, Jarvis Piccadilly and Ramada Renaissance.


From the view point of eating, it is considered to be the most desirable place. People can find any kind of restaurants or hotels near their houses. Economical and delicious food is easily available to all classes of people.


Manchester city centre is an extremely desired places among young professionals as it a solid city with a superior social life, which attracts the young population. People choose the city centre for comfort, nearness and the noise it holds. Youngsters can shop for their necessary items while coming back from office or university.


There are several enjoyment facilities in the city-centre including the Printworks, a great facility like a cinema (including an IMAX screen), a lot of bars, clubs and restaurants and also the first Hard Rock Café of Manchester. The Northern Quarter, centred on Oldham Street, is famous for its Bohemian atmosphere and independent shops and cafes. Manchester city-centre has several nightclubs that are on a walking distance of the Haçienda nightclub, which has now closed; the place has been re-established as a housing complex.

Shopping convenience

Manchester city centre is the place where people can get easy access to stores like Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Deansgate and Market Street are the major retail streets of Manchester. There is also a big indoor shopping mall that is called the Manchester Arndale Centre, and a group of top-class shops in King Street. People always favour the convenience of walking to their destinations like office or university.

Greenery and buildings

The landscaping of the city-centre has given many public spaces including the newly developed Piccadilly Gardens, which incorporate fountains, green spaces and a Metrolink station. Exchange Square is also situated near Urbis, which is an exhibition centre focusing on city life.


There are some museums in Manchester city-centre including the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, which includes many hand-made exhibits.

The Manchester city centre has become much safer and more vibrant. Even with the increasing amount of population, there are no problems and difficulties for its residents. Furthermore, families find city centre as an attractive place to settle down as single people do. The reason for such preferences is more space and the availability of the increasing public services that a family requires.

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What’s Eating You? Authoring a Body and a Life You Love to Live RIGHT NOW

How often do we hear – or say out loud, “I’m an emotional eater.”
It’s unfortunate that what we’re really swallowing, along with our midnight binge and drive-through excursions is frustration, resentment, loneliness and a host of other undigested emotions. So if we are to stop eating ourselves alive every day, what do we do with the feast of feelings left over on our plate? That is the million dollar question.

Answering this is a very personal journey. Here are a few ideas as you enjoy the banquet of opportunities that life has in store for you (without turning it into an all-you-can-eat nightmare).

First of all, think of your new life (which begins right this second) as a party. You are celebrating a very special, secret birthday. So invite a few good friends. Be sure to choose wisely, because these guests are the people you will trust to support and encourage you through the tough stuff. No one can do this alone, and your closest friends will absolutely be your strongest allies as you learn to communicate your words instead of eating them. So talk, talk, talk things out until you are no longer in danger of stuffing your feelings down with food.
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. This is YOUR new life, and your emotions are good. No matter what you were told in your childhood or what your old tapes say to you, your feelings – whatever they are – are good. They aren’t right. They aren’t wrong. They are just feelings. Allowing and accepting them without judgment or self-righteous attachment will fill your heart in a way that food never will. So put your passion where your pen is, and if you need to, put your rage on the page! Write, blog, journal, graffiti on the wall – it doesn’t matter how you do it, but begin to prioritize pouring your heart out on paper. Your full pen and blank page just became your best friends. They will always have time and they will never say no. Your new motto is: Before you bite it, write it!
Run, play and dance all day. Remember that half an hour of fun physical activity isn’t just good for your body, it’s great for your mind! This is literally an antidote to depression and will naturally lift your mood and clear your head. So put some spring in your step and exercise your emotional demons right out of your life!

Putting these steps into your life isn’t the whole answer, of course, but it will get you moving in the right direction. Because, quite honestly, this is not a dress rehearsal, and eating yourself alive every day is just a mistake that you can no longer afford. Your new body and new spirit demand a new kind of food. A food for the soul. And that is more fulfilling than anything you could ever put in your mouth.

It means empowering your truth, and it means speaking your mind. It means leaning on friends so you can stand on your feet! It means celebrating YOU and YOUR LIFE and the choices you make every day. Beginning right now.

No matter where you’re at, start your life over right this second by saying:

“I am alive, and it feels GOOD!!!”

You CAN author a life and a body that you will love to live in every single day.

Laura Fenamore, CPCC, is a gifted Body Esteem and weight loss coach Laura is devoted to helping others find balance in their lives as well as celebrating their bodies and their health. Her vision is living in a world where health and body image are celebrated.

How Would You Love To Live The Life Of Your Dreams And Have The Salon You’ve Always Wanted?

How would you love to live the life of your dreams and have the salon you’ve always wanted?

Imagine doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want… and not have to answer to anybody? Well you can, and it’s easier than you think!

Have you ever seen really successful business people, I mean REALLY successful, and wondered how the heck they look so good all the time, and how they always seem to be going on holidays or have just come back from somewhere, like Italy or France or a beautiful island somehere … AND they have also have a really successful salon?

I mean, have you ever wondered how they do it???

And how they always seem to know EXACTLY what they want, and they always seem to know where they’re going in their life as well as their business?

Have you ever talked about this with other people, like your husband or wife or friends, and someone always says ” Oh, those people have just been LUCKY!” or ” They had money before they started!” or ” They had really rich parents!” or something like that?

Some ‘cop-out’ line that helps everyone feel a little more adequate? Some throw-away line that helps justify the relatively ordinary existence that you and your friends live?

It’s funny, isn’t it? We see these SUPER HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL people and, instead of trying to find out HOW they did it, we come-up with some lame excuse why it isn’t US up there living the life of our dreams, and how they had it handed to them on a plate by either LUCK or Inheritance.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You see, I have been studying the most successful salon owners in the world and I have discovered that there is one thing most of them do before they do anything else. And it is the one thing that 98% of salon owners that I have researched fail to do.

You see, these salon owners, like other wildly successful business people, take the time to work-out exactly what they want their business and their lives to look like, down to the most minute detail.

And I know, you may be thinking that you haven’t got time for that, or that it is not going to make any difference because fate will take you wherever regardless of your preferences or whatever.

But my research has shown the very opposite, and that-is, that if you create your dream life and business, in a graphical and written form, and connect with that design on a daily basis, there is far greater likelihood that you will in-fact realise that desired existence.

The process is simple.

Basically you think deeply about the life and salon etc that you would most strongly desire irrespective of your current condition or capacity. The key is to think unbounded.

Let yourself swim in a mental ocean of abundance and unlimited possibilities, then capture the textures, designs and emotions that these aspirations elicit.

All that is required of you then is to maintain daily visual connection with your desired circumstance.

In a very short period of time, you’ll find your actions and behaviours will start to realign with your new desired circumstance.

What have you got to lose?

The worst thing that could happen is that you get laser-focused on what you actually want for your business and your life, and that’s got to be good.

The best thing is that you could actually have the life of your dreams.

4 Good Reasons To Love Condominium Living

There are plenty of reasons to love condominium living! Condominium living is a swiftly growing market, as more and more individuals seek to live in urban environments, near to their jobs. However, condominiums can be found almost anywhere, from quiet, suburban neighborhoods to busting metropolises.
If you’re interested in condo living, you owe it to yourself to consider its benefits.

1. The benefits of homeownership, without all the work – From an investment perspective, condominiums are extremely similar to owning a home. Condominium owners can enjoy the many tax benefits of homeownership, and they get to enjoy the procedure for building equity within their investment. Unlike apartments, in which the individual pays rent and earns nothing, condominium owners are able to benefit from the perks of living in a multi-family structure whilst investing in homeownership. Many people choose condominium living instead of paying rent in an apartment. Condominium living is also very popular because exterior maintenance and work aren’t an issue. Instead, condominium owners can enjoy their weekends rather than mowing lawns and painting shutters!

2. Tons of amenities – If you would like the perks of resort-style living, then you must think about condo living. Many of today’s condos offer everything from state-of-the-art fitness gyms to lovely rooftop pools. Actually, the amenities of numerous of today’s condo properties rival those of four-star resorts. Think about parking, storage facilities and recreational amenities when searching for condos. Keep in mind, however, that you could count on paying more for any condominium with high-class amenities; you may also count on paying higher HOA fees for these amenities too, although most condo owners will agree how the additional fees are very well well worth the use of wonderful amenities.

3. As well as services, too! While talking about amenities, you will find fabulous services available at many new condominium buildings and properties. From concierge plan to valet service and 24-hour security, expect your needs and wants to be fulfilled if you buy a more recent condo. Many upscale services are owned by condo owners in cities and high-rise condo buildings. Once again, you will probably pay more for any condominium if it has resident services, but having someone valet park your vehicle following a long trip to the office is really invaluable for most condo owners!

4. The perks of urban center dwelling – Many of today’s high-rise condominium buildings can be found in bustling cities, plus they are quite attractive to a wide range of buyers, from urban professionals to active empty nesters. Aside from the obvious advantage of being close to your place of work, living in a town means that any number of fabulous locations, for example restaurants, shops and nightlife destinations, are just steps away. If you want the excitement of city living, then you must explore it in a condo!

Memories From a Loved One Live On: Last Ravioli Left in a Pan on the Stove Reminded Me of My Husband

Our loved ones live on in so many ways. Five years after the death my husband, I still think of him daily. Moments appear that bring waves of sadness and joy and the most important experience of all; a knowing that he is always near.

I woke up this morning and walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. Last night. I left a pan of dinner on the stove for my daughter who would be returning from work after the rest of us were in bed. As I picked up the pan to wash it with a few other dishes, I saw it. One ravioli and one carrot. She had eaten everything except for one ravioli and one carrot.

Standing in the kitchen, staring at the ravioli, I had a wave of remembrance. A slow smile parted my lips and I wondered if this was in her DNA. She was only 12 years old when her father died. I don’t think she could have remembered this habit of his. It couldn’t have been environmental. It had to be encoded in her DNA.

My husband had been a great leftover eater. He was self-employed with a used car lot and auto mechanic shop less than one mile from our home. He worked a variety of hours. He would go to work early in the morning to open the shop, or late at night to complete a car sale or work on a car. Hurley, my husband, would pop home in the afternoon for a bite to eat, standing in front of the refrigerator looking for the oldest leftovers. I would guide him to the plastic containers of different shapes and sizes. He would grab a fork from the drawer to mix casseroles and side dishes and stand there eating the food cold. Standing in the kitchen, he would tell me the latest stories from work, laughing between forkfuls of food.

On the nights when he worked late and the rest of us were already tucked in bed, he would eat the leftovers and always leave a few bites in the containers. A few bites of lasagna, a piece of cake, one ravioli, one carrot. I asked about that curious habit one day and he replied that he left it for me. As he ate the food, he thought I might have gone to bed with thoughts of eating the food the next day. It was an act of kindness. He thought I might have wanted the last piece of cake and he didn’t want me to be disappointed when I looked in the refrigerator and it was gone.

Today as I stood in the kitchen and Out of habit, I ate the last piece of ravioli and the last carrot, as if it had been saved it for me. I thought about the little moments of kindness and it reminded me to pay attention. It is the simple moments of love and kindness that we remember. A touch of the hand, a kind word, a smile, and one ravioli left in a pan.

Author: Andrea Hylen is a Grief Transformation Guide, Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, a facilitator for people in the ministry program, an Inspiration Coach, and co-author of Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life. Her next book, Open to Inspiration: The summer a woman discovered herself with a teenage daughter and the Jonas Brothers on a 10,000 mile road trip will be published in 2011. Her greatest desire is to inspire people to live a deeper, richer life.

She is the creator of an innovative, interactive e-book club where she uses stories of her life’s journey to help other people discover their own. Go to her website for more information.

5 Things I Love About Living in Thailand

I love having a pool

I went down to the pool in my apartment building today after work and swam for a while. When I got back to my apartment, it struck me that having my own pool (okay, I do share it with the other people in my building but I am usually in it by myself) is one of the things I love about living here in Thailand.

It is hot enough here in Bangkok that I can swim all year round. I am sure I’ll get to the stage that I feel it is too cold for that one month of the year when the temperature sits at around 23C (73F), but I have not acclimatised to that point yet.

The pool in my building is maintained by the building manager’s staff and cleaned every morning. I can decide to go down there anytime and sunbathe (not that I do this much, I’m a New Zealander and as such quite aware of the damage this can do), swim lengths or read a book in the shade.

I love Thai food

Thai food is very spicy, but has a balance of many flavours. Every meal is a gastronomic feast for your taste buds. The seafood is always fresh and I love it when it is prepared in tasty curries or soups.

The first meal I learnt to order was Phat Thai Jay, a traditional noodle dish that is a staple on most menus. I order it ‘Jay’ which means vegetable. This is not a spicy dish, but it is full of peanuts, so it’s no good for people with a nut allergy.

But Phat Thai Jay isn’t my favourite Thai dish. That’s reserved for Gang Kiew Wan Jay, Sweet Green Vegetable Curry. I would eat this everyday, and have had guests come and stay with me who did! This curry is not spicy by Thai standards, but sometimes it nearly takes my head off.

I love Thai food so much that I went to a Thai cooking school when some friends came to visit last year. You can find Thai cookery schools all over the country, wherever you are likely to find tourists. The courses are inexpensive and available in a number of languages. Usually you cook your own portion of the food, then you sit around with your classmates and eat it. This week when I was on vacation in Chiang Mai I did a second cooking course and learnt how to make Phat Thai Jay!

I love bargaining

When you buy something at a market in Thailand, you get to bargain the price down. To me, this isn’t only about the money. I love bargaining. I consider it a challenge to get the vendor to come down on his/her asking price. Often in the past I have paid the vendor their original asking price, if it was a reasonable one. I just enjoy the experience of bargaining.

I find it especially rewarding if I can do it in the language of the vendor. Here in Thailand learning to say the numbers in Thai was a priority for me. I can now bargain quite successfully in Thai. When friends come to visit they usually tell me what they want to pay for something and get me to do the bargaining for them, they like the price I get for them and I have some fun with the vendors.

I remember being at a night market looking at some cushion covers that I wanted for my mother. It took me about 15 minutes to bargain the vendor down to my price, she was great fun. She made no allowance for the fact that I didn’t speak very much Thai, I had to guess what she was talking about from her body language. When we had settled on the price, I paid her the original asking price. It was well worth it for the entertainment she’d given me.

I love Thai people

The Thai people that I’ve met here are happy and contented. The Thai people are gentle and friendly and kind. The culture here is to ‘keep a cool heart’, which means don’t get angry. I am a calmer person here in Thailand and could count on one hand the number of times I’ve been angry in the 18 months I’ve lived here.

Even when I haven’t been able to communicate well with people here, they have, without fail, smiled and helped me.

This has a knock-on effect into my professional life. The children I teach are polite, respectful and cheerful. I really get a kick out of walking into school of a morning to be greeted by smiling children left and right on the way to my classroom. Teaching at an international school is how I support my lifestyle in Thailand, and it’s a lot easier than the teaching I’ve done in state schools in the UK and NZ.

And not all the children greeting me in the mornings are Thai, so there’s a knock-on effect on other expatriates and their children too.

I love being female

Thailand is a great country in which to be a girl! Thailand is abound with shops to get foot massages, full body massages, manicures and pedicures, facials and everything else you can think of.

I have one colleague who always has immaculate hair because she gets it washed and blow-dried a couple of times a week!

Last weekend I got all dressed up in a ball gown and went to the NZ Society Ball. In May I might go to the British Embassy Ball. If you like going out, dancing, eating great food and wearing posh frocks, then Bangkok is the place!

All in all, I’m happy here in Thailand. Happy with my teaching job, happy with my apartment and happy with the experiences I’m having while I live here. If you’re considering moving abroad, you should definitely consider coming here.