Love and Live Wholeheartedly

Live wholeheartedly

Love with transparency

Give lovingly, never grudgingly

Feel and speak with sincerity

Emotionally allow for vulnerability

Love consistently

Embrace life’s seasons wisely

Learning the lessons

The Creator has for thee

As you grow personally

Become self-aware increasingly

Face your fears boldly

Overcome your weaknesses triumphantly

When you err and fail

Confess your flaws humbly

Pray for heaven’s mercy

Realizing that love endures all things

When adversity comes

Not everybody sings

Sometimes life is painful

It even bruises and stings

Many care not to discuss

Such pragmatic things

Love however is more

Than a feeling or an emotion

Infatuation is fast

Much like a blur

Undoubtedly love does similarly stir

It too can be felt, seen, and heard

Yet love is also far greater

Beyond that of a word

Love is immeasurable

It has ability like no other

To move you or make you

Love hopes when all hope is lost

Love does not consider the cost

Love believes the best

Love fights for what is right

And settles for nothing less

Such a divine love is timeless

It has no end

Love has power to reconcile

Win enemies and make friends

Love is heavenly

The word however is used too frivolously

Sometimes to describe food and wine

Perhaps a hobby or activity

On the contrary

Love is a bond

Between you and me

Impossible to fully describe

Adequately articulate it I cannot

Yet without enduring love

Life is utter rot

Unpredictable and illusory

Enduring love comes with commitment

It settles and sets you free

Enabling you to live wholeheartedly.